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Malabar Neem is a part of Meliaceae family and is an indigenous types of tree to India, South East Asia and Australia, where it has been developed as a source for firewood. The tree can be developed in a wide range of soil and requiring a low supply of water . Malabar Neem has the one of a kind component of developing to 40 feet inside of 2 years from planting and can be mechanically pruned and gathered as a vitality crop.
Malabar neem is a species having a place with the neem crew. This tree is known for its quick development. As of late the ranchers around Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.
- Telugu-Konda Vepa, Tamil – Malai vembu, Malayalam – Malavembu ; Oriya – Batra. It is likewise called Melia Dubia.
This plant is utilized as a part of paper industry, upto 3 years of its life (keeping pace with eucalyptus or subabul).But, from 5 years old onwards, Malabar Neem will be utilized as a part of the plywood business, and henceforth its worth goes up generously. Past 10 years, it is utilized as timber, further expanding its quality.